FacultyFocus 2-2019

AOCMF unveils new faculty journey



The community has confirmed that delivery by highly qualified faculty is one of the success factors for AOCMF’s outstanding educational offerings.


Over 2,000 surgeons took part in a 2018 survey, AOCMF Education’s Global Needs Analysis, with 92 in-depth phone interviews. The survey’s results confirmed that the opportunity to mingle with and learn from experts is one of the most important reasons to attend AOCMF courses.


AOCMF’s aim is to strive as never before for global high-quality educational offerings—and the outstanding teaching skills of AOCMF’s faculty make the difference.


To stay at the forefront in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) education, AOCMF wants to identify and involve talents early in their careers and provide them a career path in education to develop teaching skills and move them forward toward different levels of educational responsibilities. The development is supported by various faculty development programs specifically designed for faculty members in different stages of their faculty careers.


To achieve this ambitious goal of offering worldwide high-quality educational experiences by exceptional faculty, the criteria to become faculty and advance as course chair was reviewed: An AOCMF specific taskforce proposed new criteria and processes aligned with the other clinical divisions, and the AOCMF regional boards reviewed the proposal.



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The AOCMF International Board approved a standard set of minimum criteria that potential future faculty candidates and course chairs must fulfill. Faculty candidates’ applications are reviewed by the respective regional boards and applicants are approved based on aligned criteria.


Faculty candidates will teach in different roles to continuously improve their teaching performance, supported by an assigned senior faculty member acting as coach. Only after proving their talents as speakers, small group discussion leaders and table instructors for practical exercises will candidates be approved as faculty by the respective regional boards and invited to the Faculty Education Program (FEP).


An evaluation process including evaluation by peers, participants and leaders will ensure that development of faculty members’ teaching skills keep up with current educational teaching formats’ requirements.


Only after gaining the necessary level of AO teaching experience can a faculty advance to chair an educational event. The international board has also approved a minimal set of criteria for becoming a course chair.



These changes in faculty and chair criteria, as well as the new faculty pathway will help AOCMF to stay at the forefront of AOCMF Education. The change to the new criteria and process is smoothly implemented during this year. By 2020, all regions will have finalized the transition to this new process.


For further information do not hesitate to contact Diana Greiner , Global Education Manager AOCMF.
















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