AOCMF Davos Masters Courses set for December 8–11, 2019

AOCMF’s Masters Courses 2018 again proved to be a winning concept with 66 participants from over 28 countries participating. Last year’s chairs, Stefano Fusetti, Ignacio García Recuero, Paolo Scolozzi, Maarten Koudstaal and Guglielmo Ramieri report that evaluations were exceptional and they thank all faculty who supported the courses in 2018.


The addition of an AOCMF On Air session was a brilliant idea for 2018. It allowed nearly 300 participants from around the world to connect with the spirit of Davos Courses 2018 and participate in the session. AOTK Meet the Experts sessions also brought our online community together.


More than 1,500 health care professionals from over 80 countries are expected to attend the AO Davos Courses 2019, the AO’s flagship educational event. The event will include hands-on exercises on anatomical specimens, fireside discussions, and a diverse range of courses.



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New for AOCMF in 2019: ‘Advances in 3-D Planning and 3-D Printing in CMF Surgery’ day


AOCMF is pleased to announce that the AOCMF Master Course—Orthognathic Surgery, Challenges and Controversies (with human anatomical specimens), led by Mike Leung and Ignacio Ismael García Recuero and the AOCMF Masters Course—Facial Trauma, Challenges and Controversies (with human anatomical specimens), led by Ian Sharp and Marcelo Figari, will return for the Davos Courses 2019.


The courses have been extended to four days. The first day will be new. Both courses will join together for a special day on Advances in 3-D Planning and 3-D Printing in CMF Surgery.


This additional new course day directed by Florian Thieringer and Sabine Girod will address current, patient-specific, and practical applications of medical 3-D printing and 3-D planning. The principles and advanced workflow processes from the lab to the operating room will be discussed in detail.


Practical exercises will include 3-D planning of patient-specific solutions and production of accurate patient-individualized 3-D printed anatomical models. This innovative hands-on day is delivered using a combination of lectures, case discussions, and practical exercises. Participants will train in small groups on computers with cutting- edge segmentation and virtual surgery planning software and 3-D printers.


New 3-D bone model practical exercises and new endoscopically assisted wet lab practical exercises will also be introduced for 2019.


We wish the course chairs and faculty for the AOCMF Davos Masters Courses 2019 the best of luck and we look forward to reporting on the event in the first edition of FacultyFocus in 2020!


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