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AOSpine—Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) curriculum launch


The new AOSpine Curriculum—Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) developed over two years, was launched to invited faculty and officers during the GSC 2019.


Following a presentation that covered the background of MISS techniques, the taskforce presented examples from the materials they have developed on eight general skills and nine specific procedures. A curriculum framework outlining the curriculum is available to all chairpersons and faculty; additionally, all the materials will be available in the AOSpine Faculty Lounge .



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Chairpersons and faculty of upcoming educational events, modules, etc., are invited to use the curriculum to design their events and to integrate the prepared content. The curriculum describes the core general skills and specific procedures to include and the learning objectives to be achieved. For each skill and procedure, a range of content is available: a prepared presentation (often including videos), step-by-step guides and other reading materials, and a set of videos.


Eight expert surgeons—Richard Assaker, Muhammed Assous, Christoph Hofstetter, JinSung (Luke) Kim, Avelino Parajon, Nestor Taboada, Paul Taylor, and chairperson Roger Härtl—representing all regions developed and reviewed the content and are ready to support implementation in the regions. The members are available to support some courses as faculty, review all programs and provide feedback. This year, Hofstetter, Kim, and Assous will implement the curriculum in endoscopic courses, including courses in Davos, Switzerland, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and these new program templates will soon be available.





Details about the MISS taskforce, its goals, and its members can be found in the AOSpine Faculty Lounge beginning July 1 along with other parts of the AOSpine website. Chairpersons of 2019 or 2020 events covering the curriculum should contact the global education team for support.

















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