Welcome to the second issue of AOTrauma’s FacultyFocus in 2019

FacultyFocus 2-2019

Wa’el Taha


AOTrauma Education Commission

The FacultyFocus newsletter features specially selected information for you as AOTrauma faculty.


Over the past two years, the members of the Upper Extremity Education Taskforce have developed a competency-based curriculum with four modular course programs and a comprehensive faculty support package. Upper extremity course chairpersons and faculty for 2020 are invited to join an online session with the Education Taskforce to learn more about the program, its development and available resources.


The AOTrauma Faculty Center has been redesigned and three new faculty support packages accompany its launch. Learn more about the new additions and which resources are available to AOTrauma faculty and chairpersons in the different sections of the new Faculty Center.


The AO Foundation recently initiated the AO Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (ODII). Proposed and led by AOVET and the faculty alignment group, this initiative aims to increase diversity and the number of women in orthopedics.


Last but not least, I would like to thank all AOTrauma faculty and chairpersons for your continued commitment to teaching and learning.



Best wishes,


Wa’el Taha MD


AOTrauma Education Commission

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