Welcome to the new AOTrauma Faculty Center

The AOTrauma Faculty Center has a new look and feel.

FacultyFocus 2-2019

You will find the same high-quality content on a modern platform with an improved user experience. Three new faculty support packages accompany the launch of the new Faculty Center.


The Faculty Center and Officer Center have been redesigned. The new look comes with an improved user interface, designed to help you more easily find the material and topics you are seeking.



New additions to faculty support packages

Right at the top of the page, visuals provide a quick overview and easy access to the faculty support packages for competency-based curricula. The content and appearance of each faculty support package is unchanged. Three new faculty support packages have recently been added:



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  • The periprosthetic fractures package provides templates, faculty syllabi, cases for small group discussions and easy access to the videos for the AOTrauma/AORecon Course—Comprehensive Periprosthetic Fracture Management of the Hip and Knee.

  • The special topics package provides material from the AOTrauma working groups on external fixation, intramedullary (IM) nailing, infection and imaging. For some of the topics, cases for small group discussion and templates for different event formats are provided.

  • The faculty support package for the Advanced Principles of Fracture Management for Operating Room Personnel (ORP) course is now online.






Faculty Tools

Information and material for faculty, chairpersons and coaches are accessible in the AO Faculty Tools section.





Additional documentation and resources

In the section Requirements, Guidance and Resources important documentation on declaration of conflicts of interest, Health Care Compliance (HCC), nomenclature and reimbursements are bundled to help you through the associated processes. In this section, you also have access to the case library.



How do I access the AOTrauma Faculty Center?

You have direct access to the AOTrauma Faculty Center from your personal dashboard once logged in, or directly at https://aotrauma.aofoundation.org/education/faculty/faculty-center .

















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