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Preview the new AOTrauma Upper Extremity Curriculum

In January 2020, a new upper extremity curriculum will provide chairpersons in all regions with a variety of course essential resources such as course templates, cases for discussion groups, lab guides, algorithms, animations, etc. Upper extremity course chairpersons and faculty for 2020 are invited to join an online session to meet the education taskforce and learn more about the upcoming curriculum.


In June 2019, the AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC) approved the implementation plan for the new upper extremity curriculum, adding to the growing portfolio of competency-based educational programs in AOTrauma.

Four programs for practicing surgeons have been defined:


  • AOTrauma Course—Upper Extremity Trauma
  • AOTrauma Course—Shoulder and Elbow Trauma
  • AOTrauma Course—Shoulder Trauma
  • AOTrauma Course—Elbow Trauma



The new curriculum will provide chairpersons in all regions with course templates, cases for discussion groups, lab guides, algorithms, animations, etc. All program templates will be modular, with defined core and optional content including many cases for each anatomical region. Course delivery can include anatomical specimen laboratories or dry bone practical exercises.



Online meetings for upper extremity event faculty and chairpersons in 2020

The upper extremity education taskforce invites all chairpersons of upper extremity events in 2020, as well as faculty and organizers, to an online meeting on Saturday, July 13, 2019 (14:00 CET), and to a follow-up online event on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 (13:00 CET). Please contact us at templates@aotrauma.org if you are interested in joining and learning more about the curriculum.



The upper extremity education taskforce was established in 2017 and consists of international program editors Paul Binhammer (CA), Ashraf Moharram (EG) and Stefaan Nijs (BE), and ten regional program contributors , listed below). Through a series of meetings moderated by the AO Education Institute, the taskforce worked through the backward planning process starting from patient problems to required competencies and learning objectives.



“During the online meeting, we’ll present the modules and concepts and ask for your feedback and questions. This is important to help us finalize the overall offering,” says Ashraf Moharram, one of three international program editors.


International program editor Paul Binhammer will present the case library and the assessment questions that have been created by the taskforce under the leadership of editor Diane Nam. International program editor Stefaan Nijs will share information about the concept of integrating algorithms where possible. The event is also your chance to meet the regional program contributors and hear how they can support you in your region.


We look forward to sharing information with you and gathering your feedback for 2020.




















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