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FacultyFocus 1 | 2020

Introducing myAO: grow your influence

Launched at the AO Davos Courses 2019, myAO is the AO’s latest digital tool designed to support our global network of health care professionals.

myAO brings you dependable, verified content that is tailored to your needs. The myAO community embraces all medical areas and is growing every day. It offers you the chance to build collections of articles in your field, share recommendations with your colleagues, and connect with surgeons across the world. Senior figures from across the AO are already active on myAO.


As an expert in your field, myAO gives you a new way of helping to expand the knowledge and skills of surgeons across the world. As a trusted Clinical Expert in the myAO landscape, you will be able to influence the development of other surgeons.


myAO Clinical Experts include leaders in their fields, from trauma, recon, CMF, spine, and veterinary surgery.


  • From AO Trauma, Professor Michael Baumgaertner MD has collated his preferred faculty development classic content covering a range of areas in trauma, from coaching and change facilitation, to enlightening articles on the treatment of femoral neck fractures.

  • From AO CMF, Daniel Buchbinder shares his presentation on state of the art in mandibular reconstruction, and highlights selected articles for other myAO users.

  • From AO Spine, Rajasekaran Shanmuganathan offers a collection of authoritative publications in navigation in computer assisted surgery.

  • From AO VET, Bruno Peirone offers a public collection focused on canine traumatology.


The range of features provided and content available will continue to expand, including the full integration of AO Recon.










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FacultyFocus 1 | 2020