FacultyFocus 1 | 2020

What is the value of being an AO Trauma faculty member?

AO Trauma is a faculty organization. Its faculty has formed networks from the earliest days, and this clinical division prides itself on its family spirit and the camaraderie that make the AO so special. But there is even more to AO Trauma’s faculty values.

Friendship is the first core value that comes to mind when AO Trauma refers to the value proposition it holds for current and potential faculty. This value encompasses the camaraderie that is so tangible among AO Trauma members, and the personal and professional networks that develop over the course of a faculty career, both locally and internationally.


The whole of AO Trauma’s faculty edifice is built on opportunities for teaching. AO Trauma offers courses with local, international, and global participants and faculty, covering resident education topics all the way to master surgeon discussions. AO Trauma organizes its faculty pool so that each faculty member has ample opportunity for teaching in the formats at which they excel.


Personal and professional development is another of AO Trauma’s core values. Next to the personal development that comes with teaching to large and specialized audiences, faculty development programs have been formalized for each stage of the faculty career path, complemented by a coaching program that is designed to foster faculty members’ growth as educators. The Faculty Education Program (FEP) and Chairperson Education Program (CEP) are key to AO Trauma’s successful courses, but they also provide opportunities for faculty members to challenge themselves while advancing their careers.


Finally, AO Trauma faculty members have always been natural leaders. That is because AO Trauma selects the best educators to teach in our courses, and faculty development and international experience continue to propel faculty members on their professional trajectories.


AO Trauma consciously and purposefully invests in academic development and excellence to ensure that its educational offerings remain among the best available.





FacultyFocus 1 | 2020