AO Recon digital learning

Since digital learning is becoming ever more important in today's world, AO Recon launched its digital learning hub at the end of April 2020.

Dedicated to our increasing online offering, it provides a one-stop resource for arthroplasty surgeons to find multiple learning assets and knowledge sources for their continuous educational journey, wherever they are in the world.

The platform incorporates videos, articles and an extended selection of live, online events including webinars and the newly developed Ask the Experts sessions:

In the two months since the launch, AO Recon conducted three webinars and two Ask the Experts sessions, with more than 4,000 event registrations and consistently positive participant feedback.

Twelve more online events will follow this year. Like the AO Recon online events conducted to date, they will be free of charge and accessible from all over the world. AO Recon will advertise them in its global network of currently more than 22,000 subscribers and asks faculty members to further promote these events throughout their own networks.

Disseminating arthroplasty knowledge remains AO Recon’s most important mission, and its expansion toward new digital learning opportunities will continue. Please share your ideas: faculty@aorecon.org.

10 tips to enhance your online teaching

Teaching online requires slightly different competencies from face to face events. View the 10 tips to enhance your online teaching and improve your knowledge sharing in the online environment even further. More tips on related topics will be presented in the next issues.

FacultyFocus 2 | 2020

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