Welcome to AO Recon's March edition of FacultyFocus.

This issue features two articles on AO Recon's practice-oriented educational approach, published in Orthopedic Clinics by AO Recon's curriculum taskforces, and the established process of the AO's competency-based curriculum development by the example of AO Recon courses.

Also in this edition, you will learn more about the newly launched periprosthetic hip module on AO Surgery Reference and find 10 tips on how to develop online learning content.

We wish you an enjoyable reading experience and look forward to hearing your ideas for future FacultyFocus topics: faculty@aorecon.org.

Best regards,

Carsten Perka
Chairperson, AO Recon Education Forum

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Issued three times a year, this publication is dedicated to topics that are relevant to you as an AO Recon faculty member. It introduces tools to promote continuous faculty development and educational excellence and provides you with major updates on AO Recon and AO activities.

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