Learning within the AO: looking back and moving forward

The Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma (JOT) February supplement presents an overview of past, present, and future of education within the AO

Education has been at the heart of the AO mission since its founding in 1958 and today the AO is recognized as a leader in postgraduate surgical education.

How did a group of 13 Swiss surgeons with interest in acute fracture surgical fixation in the late 1950s evolve into a global network that currently includes 14,000 faculty surgeons who provide education to more than 55,000 learners every year? And how is the AO preparing for the future of surgical education?

Find the answers in the February supplement of the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma (JOT).

The eight articles in the supplement provide an overview of past, present, and future of education within the AO as well as examples of research findings, and case studies that show effective ways to design, develop, deliver, and assess surgical education.

This JOT supplement is the results of the joint efforts of AO faculty and employees guided by three guest editors: Gregory Berry, MD, curriculum task force member of the Competency-based Training and Assessment Program (CTAP); Wael S Taha, MD, chairperson AO Trauma Education Commission, and Chitra Subramaniam, PhD, chief learning officer, AO North America.

Download the JOT supplement here
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