START hand module is now online

AO Trauma is proud to announce the long-awaited release of the AO Trauma Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents (START) hand module, the first 2021 addition to the START learning hub for residents.

Authors Paul Binhammer (Canada), Kyle Bickel (United States), and Terry Axelrod (Canada) address injuries such as proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint fracture dislocations, acute scaphoid fractures, and the Bennett fracture of the thumb, to name a few, as well as different fixation techniques.

After months of work, and an unexpected halt in the production phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these three clinical experts in their field present five interactive video-based case discussions as well as several multiple-choice quizzes and self-assessment activities, ranging from basic to complex levels.  

To access the new hand module on your desktop computer, laptop, or iPad, simply register at

Example of an interactive case featuring hand surgeon Paul Binhammer

More about AO Trauma START

AO Trauma START is an award-winning interactive online learning hub designed to support orthopedic trauma residents with a safe, highly interactive environment that provides feedback for learning and self-assessment. It also provides residency program directors and supervisors with enriched, evidence-based material that is relevant to their learners.  

The online hub provides three distinct learning strategies appealing to different learning styles and promotes reflection:

Hand surgeons Paul Binhammer (second from the right) and Kyle Bickel (third from the left, standing), with filming crew and AO project manager during video filming in San Francisco, United States
FacultyFocus 1 | 2021

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