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Have you been waiting to learn more about where your clinical division stands in terms of diversity and inclusion? Gain access to your individual clinical division reports now.

Based on an identified lack of representation of women and other underrepresented groups in leadership within and beyond the AO, a working group called the Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (ODII) was created in 2018. After the first kickoff meeting in Davos in December 2018, research was initiated to gather specific data to identify barriers to faculty entry and advancement for women and other underrepresented groups. A large-scale, evidenced-based survey was conducted; it revealed specific barriers that you can read about in the clinical division reports.

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Please note that until it is formally published, this data is for internal AO use only. This document is confidential to AO and is not intended for distribution.

The reports inform the strategy of the programs AO Access is currently creating. Intensive work has started with the first three task forces that were recruited through open calls and established at the end of 2020. The first three task forces are working on: a) faculty and leader development, b) officer and faculty selection processes and c) mentorship.

Meet the current AO Access team and each task force’s purpose and objectives.

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