AO educational event organization update

On June 1, 2021, the AO introduced a new process for delivering our educational events. The change was driven by an organizational change that DePuy Synthes (DPS) made to its AO-related operations: To ensure that it has a compliant global organization, DPS handed over the activities of the DPS local event organizers (LEOs) to the AO.

This means that local support tasks (except technical support) that had been provided by DPS employees are now managed by AO staff (AO event owners) who coordinate and oversee all operational tasks with the AO Global Events Services (GES) team and a partner (MCI) which handles course logistics, participant management, and continuing medical education (CME) accreditation for the AO.

The main contact persons for course chairpersons remains the AO staff members who have the role of event owners helping in the creation of course programs, faculty management, etc.

Detailed meetings regarding handover from DPS employees to the new delivery teams have been conducted for each educational event in 2021. All delivery team members have undergone in-depth training and the AO event owners are in the process of informing each course chairperson about the setup of their respective delivery teams to ensure the smooth continuation of AO educational events.

This change alters the way the AO delivers educational events, but it does not affect the number of events or the technical support provided by DPS.

The AO and DPS remain committed to the mission of advancing surgical care for patients and will continue to work together in surgical education and innovation in the years to come.

FacultyFocus 2 | 2021

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