Do you want to be an AO Spine examiner?

The AO Spine Global Diploma Exam Committee is looking for volunteers to join its team of experienced examiners.

In 2020, AO Spine launched the AO Spine Global Diploma Exam which is designed for experienced spine surgeons who want to certify their knowledge.

The exam is split into two parts: Part one is written multiple-choice question test, which candidates take in around February, and the second part was designed as an oral exam for candidates to sit during the Global Spine Congress (GSC).

In 2020, due to the global pandemic, the oral part of the exam was conducted online and the AO Spine Global Diploma Steering Committee agreed to create another written exam for the candidates; however this time, it was a case-based, short-answer, question-style test.

The original plan to conduct an oral exam during the 2021 GSC in Paris, France, has again had to be reconsidered. As travel is still so uncertain during 2021, the second part of the exam this year will again be conducted online; however, this time it will be an oral exam with examiners taking the candidates through cases.

As the AO Spine Global Diploma Exam gains traction, more and more candidates will apply and therefore AO Spine will be in need of new examiners to help manage the new diploma candidates.

If you feel you are qualified for this new role within AO Spine, please review the attached flyer which details the role and criteria, and send your completed application form to

Rick Bransford

Chairperson, AO Spine Global Diploma Exam Committee

"I believe that this exam will turn into the global ‘go-to’ exam that really is a badge of honor to take and to pass."

AO Spine Global Diploma Exam: successful 2020 candidates
FacultyFocus 2 | 2021

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