New educational research publications from the clinical divisions and AO Education Institute

Faculty from education task forces in AO CMF, AO VET, and AO Trauma collaborated with curriculum developers and educational research managers at the AO Education Institute and have now published two new articles in peer-reviewed journals.

The education task forces responsible for the AO CMF Course—Management of Facial Trauma and the AO VET Course—Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management developed and integrated multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for assessment of their new curricula from the early days of implementation. Many chairpersons recognized the value of the data before and after courses; therefore, the authors conducted a meta-analysis of data from 87 courses from all regions over three years. The Journal of European CME has now published the resulting article, which shows that the questions performed very well for learning in two formats (same questions precourse and postcourse and different items precourse and postcourse). The authors report the details and conclude that the overall quality of MCQs depends on applying a solid item development and validation process.  

Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation (GOS), a journal affiliated with AO Trauma and the International Geriatric Fracture Society, accepted the contribution from the AO Trauma Orthogeriatrics Education Taskforce and multiple department heads. The research shares the experiences and outcomes from a series of one-day educational events where a surgeon and geriatrician faculty made a structured visit to a department managing older adults with a fracture. The advantages of this educational format are summarized and the outcomes will inspire other departments to identify and work on areas for improvement.

The full articles are available open access at:

Experiences from Two Ways of Integrating Pre- and Post-course Multiple-choice Assessment Questions in Educational Events for Surgeons

Design and Evaluation of a Hospital-Based Educational Event on Fracture Care for Older Adults

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