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Issue 3, 2021

Wa'el Taha

Dear colleagues

Welcome to the third 2021 edition of FacultyFocus, bringing you the latest news from across the AO.

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AO education news, tools, and projects

AO Access Podcast

AO Access to success: broadening your perspectives for better patient care

Welcome to AO Access to success, the podcast series developed by the AO Access task forces to broaden your perspectives for personal and professional development.
Facilitate your personal and professional development by exploring dimensions of leadership. This is an exciting time with the launch of the AO Access podcast series!


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AO Access Mentorship Program pilot

Did you know there are personal, professional, and organizational benefits to becoming an AO mentor?


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New educational research publications available from clinical divisions and AO Education Institute

Surgeons from AO CMF and AO Trauma have collaborated with the AO Education Institute to publish two new articles in peer-reviewed journals.


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AO Davos Courses

Join us for the AO Davos Courses 2021

The AO is gearing up to welcome faculty and participants to the long-awaited return to on-site, face-to-face education with the AO Davos Courses 2021, November 28–December 10.


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10 tips

10 tips for supporting education during disrupted times

Over the last two years, COVID-19 and extreme weather-related events have served a double blow to millions of people across the globe. These adverse events have disrupted health care systems and had a massive impact on education delivery. This situation has challenged us to think innovatively about adapting our education programs to maximize learning opportunities while maintaining effective care delivery. The following 10 tips offer guidance on meeting challenges in education programs—whether in your own hospital system or in the AO—within the constraints of the disrupted times we live in.


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