AO Education Institute attends 4th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions

"Faculty Development: Affirming Global Connections and Advancing Diversity" was the main theme of the biennial conference on faculty development, held recently in Helsinki, with a strong contribution from AO.


Around 250 participants from all over the globe attended the International Conference on Faculty Development, which was held in August prior to the Association for Medical Education Europe (AMEE) Conference in Helsinki, Finland.


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Chitra Subramaniam, Strategy Education Officer of AO North America presented the new global AO Leader Education Program, with the presentation titled 'Professional development as a catalyst for organizational change–A global leadership education program'. Additionally, Miriam Uhlmann, Manager Faculty Development at the AO Education Institute outlined the results of her dissertation thesis on 'Barriers and factors influencing engagement in global faculty development online activities'.


In general, topics such as cultural diversity and global reach now attain increasing interest. The AO, with its global reach, is still one of very few organizations that run faculty development in many regions and with participants from many countries. Also, the AO's variety of program levels (faculty development path), such as the Faculty Education Program, Chairperson Education Program, and Leader Education Program are highly unique.


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