AO delivered eight presentations at Europe’s foremost medical education conference this year. Volunteer motivation, the value of faculty feedback, and the ways online learning is changing medical education were among the topics the AO researchers addressed.

AO presents educational research and innovation at AMEE 2015

The AO Education Institute delivered several presentations and posters to the 3,000 medical educators and clinicians who assembled in Glasgow for this year's conference of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) in early September. AO's work in medical education and educational research, conducted by educational taskforces from the clinical divisions with the AO Education Institute, was presented in workshops, presentations, and posters and was very well received by participants.


Presentations, posters, and workshops at AMEE 2014

  1. Value of faculty feedback to inform program evaluation of a curriculum pilot. Jane Thorley Wiedler, Jonathan Dwyer, Theddy Slongo [Presentation]
  2. The importance of chairperson feedback for the monitoring and improvement of competency-based curricula and associated training programs. Barbara Niederee, Miriam Uhlmann, Kathrin Lüssi [Poster]
  3. Proficiency based progression as an outcome-based approach to graduate medical education and training; What is it and how to do it. Anthony G Gallagher, Mike Cunningham [Workshop]
  4. Why Surgeons Volunteer in Medical Education—Retention and Reinforcement of Faculty Motivation. Nathalie Rutz, Kodi Kojima, Miriam Uhlmann, Urs Rüetschi [ePoster]
  5. AOTrauma STaRT: Orthopaedic Trauma Online - Learning in Khon Kaen Hospital, Thailand. Wanjak Pongsamakthai, Khon Kaen Hospital, Orthopaedics, Medical Education Center, Khon Kaen, Thailand [ePoster]
  6. Online learning in Medical Education—changing the learning process in a revolutionary way? Kokeb Abebe, Kodi Kojima, Wa'el Taha [ePoster]
  7. Faculty assessment during a continuing professional development educational event for spinal surgeons. Katharine Anna Quagliozzi, Miriam Uhlmann, Mike Cunningham [Presentation]
  8. Initial evaluation of an educational app on medical issues in orthogeriatrics. Katrin Singler, Markus Gosch, Tobias Roth, Sacha Beck, Mike Cunningham [ePoster]
  9. Point-of-care learning: Integrating an app into your curriculum for healthcare professionals. Mike Cunningham, Urs Rüetschi [Workshop]



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