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The AOTrauma Case Library - a growing repository for clinical cases

An ad hoc committee of AOTNA members developed the Case Library in 2012–13, and an editorial board with representatives of all regions was formed in December 2013 to govern submissions and insure quality. The Library is designed to become the primary repository of all clinical material for AOTrauma in the future. Cases can be searched for in countless ways, viewed online, and downloaded to support all teaching and learning efforts. The AOTrauma Case Library is currently a value added resource for all AOTrauma faculty members, but is planned to be available to all members after December, 2015.


Based on the progress to date and the worldwide applicability of the resource, the AOTrauma Education Commission recently endorsed the library as the key component for searching and housing case material for all of AOT International.



As AOTrauma faculty members you are encouraged to get involved by browsing and searching the library to see its value, and to consider submitting clinical material of your own.

The benefits:

"Having a web-based library of all clinical material that is easily searched and immediately retrievable will be a great resource for all AOTrauma members, from residents-in-training to young lecturers and even senior faculty in moderator roles. Cases can be found and presented almost instantly to support the educational outcomes required.”

Michael Baumgaertner, USA

" ​The Case Library is a great repository. From well-illustrated teaching points to demonstrations of surgical mastery, it offers so much for education, and encourages discussion, debate, and innovation. It's a privilege to contribute to this library, because I see the value in sharing the content and have benefited greatly from this myself.”

Christopher McAndrew, USA

​"The Case Library is a very easy source for education, fitting in well with the already-existing AO Surgery Reference. In the Case Library, the AOTrauma member may find the tricks he/she needs for operating, and all of the further, in-depth knowledge in AO Surgery Reference. Very often, there is the practical application of the principles to consider. Because the submitters of the Case Library come from different countries, a surgeon has the opportunity to view the different ways these principles have been applied, which can be beneficial. What is also great about the Case Library is that the cases can be easily downloaded and stored in a personal directory.”

Marco Berlusconi, Italy

"​The case library is a fantastic resource for all AOTrauma members. It contains different cases from head to toe, showing tips, tricks, classic techniques and innovations to treat different fractures. It can help us in organising our lectures, case discussions and also provides good examples of surgical techniques in difficult and usual cases. It was an honour to contribute to it.”

Rodrigo Pesantez, Colombia

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As AOTrauma faculty members we encourage you to get involved by browsing and searching the library to see its value, and to consider submitting clinical material of your own that is currently not well-represented in the growing repository.

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