AOTrauma Competency-Based Curriculum stamp—a quality mark on our course programs

Discover how your course can receive the AOTrauma quality mark on its program, indicating that it is part of a global curriculum and follows AO’s best practices.

The AO Competency-Based Curriculum “stamp” is a visual mark on AOTrauma Course programs, indicating that the course is part of a global curriculum and the content has undergone a sound development and review process. The stamp may be printed on course programs that have been reviewed by the respective Education Taskforce and address all curriculum competencies, objectives, and core content.


It provides AOTrauma with a way of officially recognizing a course as being of the highest quality and acknowledging the extensive efforts of faculty and organizers to incorporate the changes in the curriculum.



The AO Competency-Based Curriculum stamp is available for the following courses:

•  AOTrauma—Basic Principles of Fracture Management

•  AOTrauma—Advanced Principles of Fracture Management

•  AOTrauma—Fragility Fractures and Orthogeriatrics

Courses of the Pediatrics, Foot and Ankle, and Pelvis and Acetabulum Curricula will follow in 2016.



The stamp has been introduced in July 2014. Considering the first three-quarters of 2015, about 90% of all Principles and Orthogeriatrics courses worldwide have been approved for carrying the stamp. The high acceptance goes hand in hand with the very positive feedback of course chairpersons regarding the curriculum framework and the support material.


How can I "apply" for the stamp?

The review process is coordinated by AOTrauma International in collaboration with the regional offices and course organizing entities. There is no additional step required for the course chairperson. Nevertheless, timely provision of the scientific program to the course organizer is essential.



For questions regarding the stamp, please contact



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