Welcome to the third edition of this year's faculty newsletter featuring specially selected information for your needs as AOTrauma faculty members. This newsletter delivers the latest, prime information that supports you and enhances your educator skills.


In this issue, we give you some insights into the new AOTrauma Course on tips from the masters that will be held for the first time during the AO Davos Courses in December 2015. In this Masters level course, participants have the opportunity to discuss complex clinical cases with renowned international experts. We will also showcase our Case Library, which is designed to become AOTrauma International's repository for all cases in the future. As faculty, you are asked to share in its success by contributing your own cases to this growing collection.


Another new AOTrauma Masters Course concept is a roadshow across several European countries featuring both international and national faculty that enables AOTrauma to bring high-level education to emerging markets. Furthermore, we introduce the AOTrauma Competency-Based Curriculum stamp indicating that a course is part of a global curriculum and its contents have been thoroughly reviewed.


Also, we provide you with ten tips for impactful coaching that will give you some important insights on how to be a great Coach and how to run a successful coaching session. And finally, we share the AO Education Institute's experiences at this year's Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) conference.


We hope that you will enjoy reading this edition of FacultyFocus. As always, we welcome your feedback to the following address: mredies@aotrauma.org



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Kodi Kojima

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