"Tips from the Masters" provides
“mini-fellowships” with master
surgeons at Davos Courses

This new masters-level course provides a unique opportunity to see difficult cases through the eyes of 12 of AO’s most experienced master surgeons. State-of-the-art clinical techniques and best practices are the focus of the new AOTrauma Masters Course—Current Concepts, "Tips from the Masters: Difficult cases through the Eyes of Master Surgeons" held December 6–11, 2015 in Davos.

Course participants will get the rare opportunity to review and investigate difficult clinical cases with international experts, plan an evidence-based surgical solution, and follow the case to a conclusion—side-by-side with the master surgeon.

"The course will allow participants to really see through the eyes of a master regarding how to interpret, integrate, and solve tough clinical orthopedic trauma cases"

Rick Buckley, Canada, Course Co-chairperson

Twelve of AOTrauma’s most experienced master surgeons will take participants on a “mini-fellowship". New surgical approaches, current treatment methods, and the management of complications will be addressed at a high level using real cases, encouraging open discussions between participants and faculty. Each instructor will present a difficult trauma scenario requiring in-depth investigation and preoperative planning, as well as operative intervention and rehabilitation. Instructors will guide participants through each step, sharing their philosophies on handling difficult trauma cases.


“The goal of the course is to demonstrate how senior AOTrauma surgeons collect data, plan ahead, use evidence-based medicine, and operationalize very tough clinical cases,” Buckley explains. “The cases will encompass twelve anatomical regions, so participants can really understand how various difficult fractures are solved.”


Long-term follow-up will be provided for each case to demonstrate how good decision making and rational use of evidence-based medicine can solve a difficult case.


The course is being chaired by Rick Buckley and Stefaan Nijs. The faculty consist of Michael Baumgaertner, Michael Blauth, Peter Cole, Jesse Jupiter, Mauricio Kfuri, Christian Krettek, Michael Miranda, Jong-Keon Oh, Christoph Sommer and David Volgas.




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