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Issue 2, 2017


Dear colleagues,

This is my first Faculty Focus newsletter as the new Chairperson of AOSpine Education Commission (AOSEC). Last month I started my term by attending the AO Foundation Leadership Education Program (LEP) in Hong Kong, then went on to London to chair my first AOSEC meeting and retreat workshop to share my goals with the rest of the team. Read more…

Bryan Ashman
Middle East

Effective Faculty Training in the Middle East

Since 2005, AOSpine Middle East Faculty have participated in various levels of faculty training. What started out as "Tips for Trainers" has now evolved into the Faculty Education Program (FEP), the old "Tips for Chairpersons" has been reworked to create the Chairpersons Education Program (CEP), and most recently, surgeons from the region have been offered the chance to participate in the highest level of training, the Leaders Education Program (LEP). Read more


AOSpine Faculty Education Awards

As an AOSpine Faculty Member you could be in with a chance to win one of the many Faculty awards AOSpine presents each year. Read more


AO Education Institute attends 4th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions

“Faculty Development: Affirming Global Connections and Advancing Diversity” was the main theme of the biennial conference on faculty development, held recently in Helsinki, with a strong contribution from AO. Read more

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