AO Access to success: broadening your perspectives for better patient care

Welcome to AO Access to success, the podcast series developed by the AO Access task forces to broaden your perspectives for personal and professional development.

Facilitate your personal and professional development by exploring dimensions of leadership. This is an exciting time with the launch of the AO Access podcast series!

These podcasts will offer personal reflections and insights relevant both to senior faculty looking for leadership opportunities and junior faculty and trainees looking to navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of clinical practice and professional development.

Our invited experts are well positioned to provide perspectives on the challenges faced by medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, and the allied health professions.

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We know from the business world how vitally important the culture of an organization is to its sustainability and success. Within the health care sector—where the AO is deeply rooted—there are often entrenched values and attitudes. AO Access has been actively exploring best practices to address these challenges. It will be fascinating to hear invited experts' perspectives on the importance of leadership in supporting professional growth and establishing a sense of community, purpose, and care.

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Culture change works through community engagement to find the opportunities for change and solutions. For example, you’ll hear about efforts to identify and leverage the parallels between leadership development, best practices, the business world, and diversity and inclusion.

Engage with us in developing ways to improve the AO’s culture and climate so that our organization can thrive and attract, recruit, retain and develop the careers of our members.

Our vision is to be a diverse and inclusive organization with equitable access and opportunities for advancement within the AO at all levels, regions, clinical divisions, and unit. Since its launch, AO Access has developed three task forces through an open call from AO members worldwide. They are the Officer and Faculty Selection Processes Task Force, the Faculty and Leader Development Task Force, and the Mentorship Task Force. Our mission is to develop and implement dedicated programs, policies, and organizational structures that reflect a diverse and inclusive global community of health care professionals to make us the most productive, innovative, and sustainable learning community for the benefit of our patients.

Additional opportunities to get involved with AO Access

Voices for change: celebrating diversity within the AO

Accessing AO: narratives from our members

The AO embraces differences and celebrates diversity. Educating ourselves and sharing our narratives is powerful. Become an advocate for change and—by sharing your story—help to create a culture and climate where everyone feels welcome, safe, respected, and valued and has a sense of belonging.

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The AO will launch its pilot AO Access Mentorship Program this month! Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the values, benefits and requirements of becoming a mentor or mentee here and apply to be part of the pilot.

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