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Issue 1, 2020

Alessandro Piras

Dear colleagues

Welcome to the first 2020 issue of the AO VET FacultyFocus newsletter.
As always, AO VET is moving toward the future and in this FacultyFocus edition, we are pleased to report on activities that will ultimately make significant contributions to improving patient care.

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Fellowship hosts help shape the future of veterinary care

AO VET faculty members have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of veterinary care by offering AO VET Fellowship opportunities at their clinics or practices. AO VET Fellowship host clinics and practices provide young, active veterinary surgeons interested in orthopedics and musculoskeletal disorders with additional experience in the AO techniques encountered in day-to-day surgical referral practice.


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new Template

AO rebranding: new AO VET presentation template

As part of the AO brand redesign introduced at the Davos Courses 2019, a new template for presentations and lectures is available. AO VET members are strongly encouraged to use this template for future presentations.


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Sponsorships support educational funding

As an independent nonprofit organization, AO VET depends on the financial and product support of corporations and private sponsors to ensure its continued success and outreach. Today, manufacturers and service providers, directly or indirectly related to veterinary medicine, can sponsor AO VET educational events, thereby helping advance AO VET’s mission of improving patient care across the species.


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Survey reveals barriers to faculty entry and advancement for women and other underrepresented groups

The current makeup of the AO organization does not reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of the wider medical and veterinary orthopedic community, particularly regarding those in early career stages and in residency training programs.


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Surgery Reference

AO Surgery Reference relaunched with improved navigation

AO Surgery Reference is the number one resource that helps surgeon's improve patient care daily. It's now easier to find your procedure with a new and improved interface.


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Introducing myAO: grow your influence

Launched at the AO Davos Courses 2019, myAO is the AO's latest digital tool designed to support our global network of health care professionals.


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Ten tips on how to combat your unconscious bias

The term unconscious bias (UB) refers to the feelings and attitudes we have—but are not aware off—toward certain people or groups. While UB is not intentional and is not the result of malicious intent, it can lead us to judge, show prejudice, or stereotype people without realizing it. When UB, also called implicit bias, is uncontrolled, it can negatively influence behavior of an individual toward patients and/or learners.


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