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Autumn 2015

Tips from the Masters

“Tips from the Masters” provides “mini-fellowships” with master surgeons at Davos Courses

This new masters-level course provides a unique opportunity to see difficult cases through the eyes of 12 of AO's most experienced master surgeons. State-of-the-art clinical techniques and best practices are the focus of the new AOTrauma Masters Course—Current Concepts, “Tips from the Masters: Difficult cases through the Eyes of Master Surgeons” held December 6–11, 2015 in Davos. Read more to see whether this very special course may be for you. Read more

Kodi Koijma

Welcome to FacultyFocus!

Welcome to the third edition of this year's faculty newsletter featuring specially selected information for your needs as AOTrauma faculty members. This newsletter delivers the latest, prime information that supports you and enhances your educator skills. Read more

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10 Tips
IM Nailing Roadshow
Curriculum stamp

AOTrauma Competency-Based Curriculum stamp— a quality mark on our course programs

Discover how your course can receive the AOTrauma quality mark on its program, indicating that it is part of a global curriculum and follows AO's best practices. Read more

AMEE 2015

AO presents educational research and innovation at AMEE 2015

AO delivered eight presentations at Europe’s foremost medical education conference this year. Volunteer motivation, the value of faculty feedback, and the ways online learning is changing medical education were among the topics the AO researchers addressed.
Read all about AO's contributions on medical education at AMEE 2015 held in Glasgow.

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