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Earlier this year, the AO Trauma Education Commission mandated the education taskforces to develop templates and supporting material for purely online events and for blended courses. Several templates for basic and subspecialty courses have been developed and piloted over recent months and are now available in the AO Trauma Faculty Center. Additional templates are in preparation and will be available soon.

The "10 tips" in this issue focus on mindful teaching and will give you some ideas for integrating mindfulness into your teaching and how this can help you and your learners to focus and respond flexibly to challenges.

This is my last FacultyFocus editorial as chairperson of the AO Trauma Education Commission and I would like to express my thanks to all chairpersons and faculty for your passion and commitment to supporting our learners around the world to increase their competence and improve the treatment of their patients.

My successor as chairperson of the AO Trauma Education Commission is Mark Reilly (United States). Please join me in wishing him every success and a rewarding tenure on the AO Trauma Education Commission.

Best wishes,

Wa'el Taha, MD
Chairperson, AO Trauma Education Commission

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