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Welcome to AO Recon's June edition of FacultyFocus.

It is my great privilege to send this edition to you as the newly elected chairperson of the AO Recon Education Forum. In my new role, I look forward to following in Carsten Perka's impressive and inspiring footsteps and to sharing regular and relevant updates with you—our much-valued faculty. As the new chairperson of the AO Recon Steering Board succeeding Norbert Haas (now past chairperson), Carsten will stay actively involved in education. Read more about the recent elections.

In this edition, you will also learn about the AO's collaboration agreement with RIMASYS, a provider of human specimens with lifelike pathologies, that will considerably enhance the learning experience of hands-on exercises considerably. In addition to a few more articles worth reading, our 10 tips on mindful teaching will help you advance your tutorial competency.

We wish you an enjoyable reading experience and look forward to hearing your ideas for future FacultyFocus topics: faculty@aorecon.org.

Best regards,

Bas A Masri
Chairperson, AO Recon Education Forum

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Issued three times a year, this publication is dedicated to topics that are relevant to you as an AO Recon faculty member. It introduces tools to promote continuous faculty development and educational excellence and provides you with major updates on AO Recon and AO activities.

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