The Traveling Mandible:
First-ever 24-hour global relay event is a big success

Post-event numbers tell the story: the CMF’s world first-ever nonstop, 24-hour-educational event—the Traveling Mandible on May 29, 2021—was an indisputable global success. Responding to regional needs and covering all aspects of the mandible, the AO CMF Online Campus event attracted 348 participants from 75 countries.

Featuring 45 international faculty, 20 presentations, and more than 50 cases in a single day, the Traveling Mandible addressed a wide range of mandibular topics and rotated through various hubs and time zones worldwide:

Participants represented all of the AO CMF regions; the most represented countries are shown in the chart below:

Faculty members’ reviews of the Traveling Mandible were uniformly positive, ranging from “phenomenal job, everyone” and “very enriching content,” to “excellent discussion with fantastic moderation!”

“Congratulations for the fabulous event,” said faculty member Mohamed Abdelazeem from Egypt. “Thank you so much for this wonderful scientific event.”

Lead surgeon faculty organizing the event were AO CMF Community Development Commission Chair Sabine Girod (United States) and AO Foundation Board member Marcelo Figari (Argentina), both of whom are leading experts with the AO CMF Online Campus. The Organizers congratulate the Traveling Mandible faculty for their outstanding contributions to the event’s success.

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