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Last year, AO Trauma ran many online educational activities and one of the questions discussed by many was related to online discussions: Are small group discussions effective when delivered online? A recent AO Education research study conducted in collaboration with Nele Roels (Belgium) and Murat Bilici (Switzerland) addresses this question.

The AO Trauma pediatrics education task force has rolled out a host of updates and enhancements to the pediatrics curriculum, including new videos for all practical exercises in the standard course. All new material is available in the faculty center.

AO Surgery Reference was recognized with several new awards in December 2020 and recently released the new periprosthetic knee module. The module’s content is particularly relevant to orthopedic trauma and reconstructive surgeons who are early in their careers or maintain a general practice profile.

The new module on hand fractures is the first 2021 addition to AO Trauma START, the award-winning interactive online learning hub for residents. It includes five interactive video-based case discussions as well as several multiple-choice quizzes and self-assessment activities, ranging from basic to complex levels.

Education has been an essential part of the AO's mission since its beginnings. The editors of the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma (JOT) February 2021 supplement, "Learning in the AO: Looking Back and Moving Forward." have assembled articles describing the past, present, and the future of education within the AO.

Many thanks to all chairpersons and faculty for your creativity and passion, and for your dedication and commitment to providing highest-quality education to our learners.

Best wishes,

Wa'el Taha, MD
Chairperson, AO Trauma Education Commission

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